TALPThe Army Language Program (US Army)
TALPTermination Analysis of Logic Programs
TALPCentre de Tecnologies i Aplicacions del Llenguatge i la Parla (Centre for Speech and Language Applications and Technologies)
TALPTunnel Airlock Litter Patient
TALPTyrode's Albumen Lactate Pyruvate (andrology)
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In vitro fertilization (IVF): Motile spermatozoa were separated by swim up technique (Parrish et al., 1986) in Tyrode's albumin lactate pyruvate (TALP) medium.
In this experiment, spermatozoa from 6 bovine epididymides (n = 6) were collected and diluted to a concentration of 100 million spermatozoa per mL in modified TALP medium.
The answers to the questionnaires and justifications that led to the decision for food categories and the words in TALP were organized in a summary table for better viewing of the results, as suggested by Bardin.
The aspiration medium used was Tyrosine-albumin-pyruvate (TALP)-HEPES (4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazineethanesulfonic acid) but also modified phosphate-buffered saline was used occasionally, especially, during training sessions.
As evocacoes provenientes do TALP foram analisadas e categorizadas de modo a considerar a dimensao individual (frequencia) e a coletiva (ordem media de evocacoes), sendo o nucleo central identificado (24,25).
Estudos com os diluidores "Talp" e "Cue" comprovaram que tais diluidores promoveram alta motilidade espermatica, pois sao compostos por particulas livres de baixa viscosidade, porem podem causar maior movimento lateral de cabeca (21).
Yn un o sylfaenwyr cwmni Sain nl ym 1969, mae Dafydd yn un o gyfarwyddwyr y cwmni, ac yn dal i dreulio talp helaeth o'i amser yn gweithio ar wahanol brosiectau yno.
Sperm pellet separated with swim-up was diluted 1:1 with 100 ug/ml heparin solution in TALP and incubated for 30 min for capacitation.
A lymphoid infiltrate, sometimes quite prominent, including germinal center formation, can be seen; it represents part of the concept of tumor-associated lymphoid proliferation (TALP).