TAMDTheater Air and Missile Defense
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Twenty eyes had PCV and 16 eyes had tAMD in the ever-smoker group, and 11 eyes had PCV and 18 eyes had tAMD in the never-smoker group; the differences were not statistically significant (P = 0.66).
In this study, we found that the baseline CRT in eyes with nAMD was significantly thinner in ever-smokers than in never-smokers and the thinning was not observed in ever-smokers with PCV but in ever-smokers with tAMD. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals that can be divided into two phases, i.e., a particulate phase that includes nicotine, tar, and benzopyrene and a gaseous phase that includes carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and hydrogen cyanide [26].
In this study, the CRT in eyes with no PCV but tAMD was significantly thinner in ever-smokers than in never-smokers.
(%) PCV 20 (56) 11 (39) tAMD 16 (44) 17 (61) Baseline, mean (SD) VA (logMAR) 0.28 (0.30) 0.37 (0.39) Central retinal 298.4 (74.1) 342.1 (77.5) thickness ([micro]m) PCV 310.1 (69.4) 316.5 (93.4) tAMD 283.7 (79.4) 358.6 (62.7) Subfoveal choroidal 255.0 (118.7) 239.2 (96.7) thickness ([micro]m) Outcome, mean (SD) VA (logMAR) 0.20 (0.29) 0.29 (0.36) Central retinal 225.1 (60.2) 241.7 (85.1) thickness ([micro]m) Subfoveal choroidal 220.8 (128.8) 201.3 (88.1) thickness ([micro]m) Change, mean (SD) VA (logMAR) -0.07 (0.32) -0.08 (0.39) Central retinal 73.2 (85.4) 100.4 (100.2) thickness ([micro]m) Subfoveal choroidal 31.2 (46.6) 38.0 (38.8) thickness ([micro]m) Follow-up (yrs) 3.6 (2.1) 3.8 (2.0) No.
The information gathered can then be deployed into product design in collaboration with TAMD manufacturers whose applications have been accepted for the adhesives selection service.
Until now, TAMD manufacturers could choose from one basic family of human interface adhesives, a product category that had a bias toward being stronger than potentially necessary.
TAMD applications range from simple bandages and medical tapes to monitors and complex multilaminate drug delivery systems.
With the Comprehensive Skin Adhesion Testing System, TAMD manufacturers now have a platform for innovation through broad, design-oriented testing, precise adhesive synthesis, and efficient polylaminate manufacturing.
Adhesive-based therapeutics offer great potential for use with temporary adherent medical devices (TAMD).
The drive motors of the survey boats Wega 1 and 2 type Volvo Penta TAMD 41 A bedE-rfern a complete reconstruction after 25 years of service time.