TAMFThink Again, My Friend
TAMFTechnical Assistance Management Facility (Australia and Indonesia)
TAMFThe Anglo Mexican Foundation (est. 1943; Mexico)
TAMFTehran Avenue Music Festival
TAMFThe Anita Memorial Fund (Equine Rescue Incorporated)
TAMFTo All My Friends (chat)
TAMFTactical Automated Maintenance Facility
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Initial microbial load of fresh strawberries in this study was 2.3 log x UFC/g and 2.2 log x UFC/g for TAMF and YM, respectively.
Figure 1, illustrates the evolution of the monthly concentrations of TAMF, TC, FC and FS, very large fluctuations were recorded for all microbiological parameters, and, depending on the month of the year.
The microbiological quality of the annual average through the enumeration of Total Aerobic Mesophilic Flora (TAMF) showed very high values of the order of 10.8 Ulog10 .
Microbiological analysis expressed in terms of TAMF, TC, FC, and FS respectively 10.8, 9.5, 8.6 and 7.9 ULog10, very high compared to national norms values and to those found in on the international scale.