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Conductor Tobias Ringborg is joined by Peter Gijsbertsen as Tamino, Gemma Summerfield as Pamina, Richard Burkhard as Papageno and Julia Sitkovetsky as Queen of the Night, to name but a few of the star-studded cast.
They were actually three mysterious ladies who at the outset rescue Tamino (played by Kang Wang), a prince lost in a foreign land pursued by an enormous monster not unlike the Lambton worm, by killing it with their Star Wars-like weapons.
There is comedy and frustration along the way as would-be lovers Tamino and Pamina try to meet as they are taken on a quest to prove their worth to be together.
Soprano Golda Schultz stars as Pamina, tenor Charles Castronovo as Tamino, baritone Markus Werba as Papageno, and soprano Kathryn Lewek as the Queen of the Night.
Considered to be one the most popular operas ever written, in a German libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder, The Magic Flute begins its tale when three ladies in the service of the Queen of the Night save Prince Tamino from a serpent.
Ambur Braid may have been challenged by the Queen of the Night's fearsome tessitura and Matt Boehler's Sarastro (alternating with Goran Juric) may have been light on sonority, but the cast was mostly well balanced, Kirsten MacKinnon's lovely Pamina (alternating with Elena Tsallagova) nicely paired with Owen McCausland's Tamino (alternating with Andrew Haji) and properly threatened by Michael Colvin's Monastatos, with Phillip Addis (alternating with Joshua Hopkins) a puckish Papageno and Jacqueline Woodley a winsome Papagena.
Click here for more pictures The Magic Flute, which premiered in 1791, has long been one of the most popular operas since it not only has beautiful music but also an engaging, adventurous story in which young Tamino must rescue Princess Tamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night, who has been kidnapped by the evil Sarastro.
The awe-inspiring love story sees Prince Tamino, who is protected from danger by a magic flute, setting out on a fantastic adventure to rescue Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night.
This time round Tamino is lightly sung by Allan Clayton in a role that dramatically is pretty hard to make too much of.
Not so convincing were the somewhat weedy Tamino of Mitesh Khatri, and the effortful Sarastro of Clive Thursfield (though his dialogue was splendidly Churchillian).
The board of directors and the shareholders of Tamino Minerals (OTC PINK:EGAMD), a developer, publisher and seller of software games, approved on 6 February 2013 a name change of the company to Tamino Minerals Inc and a reverse stock split of its issued and outstanding common stock on a 1-for-10 basis, the company revealed on Wednesday.