TAMSETerrestrial and Atmospheric Multi-Spectral Explorer
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Although the Argentine VCA 155 self-propelled howitzer is usually regarded as a local product produced under the Tamse label, it is based on the lengthened hull and chassis of a German vehicle, the Thyssen Henschel Tam with the aluminium turret of the Italian OTO Melara Palmaria self-propelled howitzer.
Tamse (eds), Britain and the Netherlands, Volume VI: War and Society, 228-48.
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Meanwhile, Ketan Mehta (Men, hole 3), Sanjoli Singh (Ladies, hole 14), Geetesh Tamse (Combined Men & Ladies, hole 7) won the Nearest The Pin awards while John Salway (Men, hole 16) and Lynn Casey (Ladies, hole 1) won the Longest Drive awards.
It has been reported for Hermissenda that PKA modulates synaptic facilitation between the vestibular hair cells and photoreceptors (Tamse et al., 2003).
Un istmo corresponde a una parte anatomica estrecha en forma de cinta que conecta o comunica dos canales radiculares que contienen tejido pulpar (Weller et al., 1995), que pueden ser considerados como una conexion lateral entre canales de la misma raiz o clasificado como un anastomosis, razon por la que tambien se conoce como corredor o anastomosis transversal (Chai & Tamse, 2015).