TAMVTime-Averaged Mean Velocity (blood flow)
TAMVTemporal Averaged Maximum Velocity
TAMVTime Average Maximal Velocity
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WWAV is highly cross-reactive with BCNV and TAMV in the ELISA used in this study (M.L.
For example, BCCV and TAMV have been found only in southern Florida (4, 14), yet the geographic range of S.
Alternatively, the antibodies could be a result of infection with a North American arenavirus that is antigenically more closely related to GTOV than to BCNV, TAMV, or WWAV.
When compared with other arenaviruses, the 616-nt NP gene fragment of isolate A0070039 exhibited the highest nucleotide sequence identity and predicted amino acid sequence identity with (in decreasing order) the NP gene of WWAV prototype strain AV 9310135 (72.7% and 82.9%, respectively), TAMV (72.6% and 76.6%, respectively), the 13 South American arenaviruses (ALLV, AMAV, FLEV, GTOV, JUNV, LATV, MACV, OLVV, PARV, PICV, PIRV, SABV, and TCRV: 55.5%-63.5% and 47.8%-62.0%, respectively), and LCMV and LASV viruses (51.5%-51.9% and 42.7%-43.4%, respectively).
The results of the ML analysis of nucleotide sequence data (Figure), NJ analyses of Kimura two-parameter genetic distances, and MP analyses of nucleotide and amino acid sequence data all indicated that BCNV, WWAV, and TAMV are monophyletic and phylogenetically distinct from the South American arenaviruses, LCMV, and LASV.
The ML analysis of nucleotide sequence data and MP analysis of amino acid sequence data placed WWAV in a sister relationship to TAMV and the WWAV-TAMV lineage in a sister relationship to the BCN lineage.