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TANGOTanzania Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
TANGOThe Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (Gambia)
TANGOTheater Air Naval Ground Operations
TANGOTexas Area Network Gamers Organization
TANGOTurret Angle Encoder (Canadian and New Zealand Armies)
TANGOTACO Next Generation Object
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The tenor and pianist found a winning formula when they combined classic Italian belcanto with tango to create a new kind of theatre called Recital CanTANGO.
Tango" observes that over the years the genre evolved by making fusions with other rhythms such as jazz, ballet and contemporary music, but it proves that the essence of tango still remains as the same sensual and passionate music that has influenced people and cultures all over the world.
And when Nelida was asked to be tango consultant to the show, she loved the idea but wasn't quite sure how it would work out.
After successfully pulling off the Third Tango festival last year, we have received a very positive response from across tango communities in the Middle East and the Embassy of Argentina in Qatar as well.
Tango's transitions through time are interesting to note, and even more incredible to hear -- which is what Tami Tango Trio aim to do for their audience next week.
We are a group of social tango dancers, not professional dancers," Alma Haddad, co-organizer of the event, told The Daily Star.
Tango is the most complete language to communicate in, because you represent different aspects of life, like passion, tragedy, deception, love, poverty, richness, madness .
Most tourists visiting Buenos Aires feel compelled to pop in for a tango performance--usually at a dinner-theater venue.
Of course, the Quartett plays these things with authority, elegance, and polish, but personally I still prefer the earthier qualities of the old tangos to the ultra sophistication of the newfangled Piazzolla-type concoctions.
Nevertheless, Forever Tango achieves the overall feeling of an ensemble work.
When asked why she was inclined to sing tangos as a child over other popular genres of music, she responded: "Tango chose me as its interpreter in this revitalized era of tango in Argentina.