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TANJUGTelegrafska Agencija Nova Jugoslavia
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The Serbian news agency Tanjug quoted his lawyer as saying he was shot five times.
SERBIA CONDEMNS ERDOGAN: The Serbian Foreign Ministry has condemned remarks Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an made about Kosovo during a visit to Prizren on Wednesday, Serbia's state news agency TANJUG has reported.
The state-run Tanjug news agency reported, quoting police, that the gunman fought alongside rebel Serbs during the 1990s war in Croatia.
"It's up to Ashton to decide if the process will be continued, since she herself said that the differences are small but the gaps are deep, and when the answers arrive tonight she will decide whether the process can be continued," Ambassador Vincent Degert said, according to the Tanjug state news agency.
Stimac's comments have infuriated Serbia and FA president Lakovic Tanjug said: "We will not be present if these gentlemen are anyway near either game, even in Zagreb.
A Kuwaiti delegation will come to Belgrade in late November or early December to sign a second loan agreement, Fawzi Abdulaziz Ahmad Al-Jasem, Kuwaiti Ambassador, is quoted as saying by Serbia-based newspaper Tanjug.
(55) "Luka Bojovic," Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, 2012, https://reportingproject.net/PeopleOfInterest/profil.php?profil=11; Cvetko Simic, murdered in a gruesome killing in February, 2010, in Zagreb, Croatia by Sretko Kalinic, Bojovic's associate, who told Croatian police that he killed Simic and threw parts of his body into Lake Jarun in Zagreb allegedly because he was in love with his wife; Tanjug, "Simovic: Cvetka Simica je ubio Kalinic zbog zene," Blic Online, 16 December 2011, http://www.blic.rs/Vesti/Hronika/296369/Simovic-Cvetka-Simica-je-ubio-Kaliniczbog-zene.
"Concerning the handshake with premier Thaci, there is nothing historic about it," Serbia's state Tanjug news agency quoted Mr Tadic as saying.
OTP is looking to buy a Serbian bank that is not in state ownership, Serbian news agency, Tanjug, reported last week, citing OTP deputy chief executive, Laszlo Wolf.
12 January 2012 - Javna Rasveta, a Slovenian company engaged in building and maintaining public lighting systems, is to acquire 70.43% of Serbian cable manufacturer Elektroizgradnja after signing an agreement with Serbia's Privatisation Agency, Tanjug reported.
On October 25, Serbian news agency Tanjug said that in spite of a KFOR statement that the Brnjak border checkpoint was completely open for traffic of all kinds of vehicles, the checkpoint was closed and vehicles were being sent on a detour.
The date will then be announced for Montenegro, but it is not impossible to imagine a scenario in which the two countries would actually start negotiations at the same time," Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Delic was quoted by Serbian press agency Tanjug as saying, on 12 October, following publication of the Commission's annual report on Serbia's progress towards membership.