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TANSTransportes Aereos Nacionales de la Selva (Peruvian Airlines)
TANSTrimble Advanced Navigation Sensor (global positioning system)
TANSTerrain-Aided Navigation System
TANSTexas Association of Neurological Surgeons
TANSTransient Abnormal Neurologic Signs
TANSTrappers' Association of Nova Scotia (est. 1968; New Ross, Nova Scotia, Canada)
TANSTime, Azimuth, Navigation Server (AWACS)
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spray tans, tanning beds), and because individuals can even alter their tan levels via photo-editing software, understanding how this affects person perception seems particularly important.
WAY TO GLOW THE exact colour of your self tan is individual to you, because the ingredients react with the skin's amino acids.
You need to moisturise more with dark tans because of the higher level of DHA, so try switching to body butter,' advises Jules.
Due to the appearance of her complexion, it seemed that overly-bronzed Jersey mother had an addiction to tanning, so "In Touch" magazine wanted to do a photo shoot with the 44-year-old -- but only if she didn't tan for a month.
If you still are getting pushback, offer to pay for spray tans, lotions, or other serf-tanning products.
Making headlines last month was a study from the Archives of Dermatology, which found that 40 percent of college students who tan are addicted to tanning.
Consistent with predictions, results indicated that college students were more likely to sun tan in 2005 than they were in 1995, although their attitudes about sun tanning have remained fairly stable.
When you are in a rush a visit to the salon for a speedy airbrush spray tan is all you need.
But how do you go about ensuring your tan isn't as streaky as Wall's best?
Then everyone got bored of applying a pongy, barely-there shade every morning, and went back to one-shot fake tans.