TANSITamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation (India)
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| Chwith i dde yn null cloc: saets, tansi, y ddeilen gron, a'r hen ffefryn, y wermod lwyd.
First, in September 2001, where he was the interim chief minister for six months, when Jayalalithaa was disqualified by the Supreme Court in the Tansi land deal case,
AM: Besides Baldwin, I would also mention Sony Labou Tansi, because I was happy to write a foreword to his most recent book, L'Etat honteux (Eng.
Lisa has revealed in interviews that Traves is supportive of her time on the show and often stays at home to look after their horse, Rocky, and their cat, Tansi. They have no children.
Sapin anak Tansi, my wife Nusi's great-grandfather's brother, died in February.
Muchiri compares two novels from the 2000s, both of which present fictionalized wars in nations that resemble Republic of Congo and Cote d'Ivoire: Emmanuel Dongala's Johnny Chien Mechant (Johnny Mad Dog), and Sony Labou Tansi's La Vie et Demie (Life and a Half).
The article written by Analyse Kimpolo (Mutations poli tiques en Afrique: pouvoir, conflits et violence dans La Vie et demie de Sony Labou Tansi) analyses how Sony Labou Tansi, a Congolese writer, casts lights on the lack of democracy in some African countries through a vivid description of their socio-political environment.
Sony Labou Tansi, escritor congoles y uno de los observadores mas reconocidos de la vida urbana, nos habla sobre el romance africano con la 'mezcolanza'--un tira y afloja de la vida en todas direcciones, donde ordenes provisionales se ensamblan rapidamente y son destruidos--.
Bould's article, "From Anti-Colonial Struggle to Neoliberal Immiseration: Mohammed Dib's Who Remembers the Sea, Sony Labou Tansi's Life and a Half and Ahmed Khaled Towfik's Utopia," considers how these three African novels in translation challenge how First World readers conceive of sf/f by moving beyond European paradigms to explore different potentialities for Africa's postwar history.
C'etait l'epoque ou l'editeur Laphomic, disparu depuis, publia quelques auteurs comme le Congolais Tchicaya u Tam'si ou Sony Labou Tansi, decede en 1995.
The loyal footsoldier of Jayalalithaa had acted as a nightwatchman when she had to step down due to her conviction in TANSI land scam.
It has been written by two Turkish writers, Sama Tansi and Irfan Sarokhan, who have scripted some very successful dramas.