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TANUTanganyika African National Union
TANUTransplantable Artificial Neurological Unit (computer architecture)
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And if they do not hold may the spirits of our ancestors reward the brave warriors upon the Vanator," replied another of those upon the roof of the palace, "for it will not be long from the moment her cables part before her crew dons the leather of the dead; but yet, Tanus, I believe they will hold.
Yes," replied Tanus, "I should hate to be abroad today upon the stoutest ship that sails the Barsoomian sky.
The first man to follow him was Tanus and when the last reached the deck of the cruiser there remained upon the palace roof only the twelve warriors of Helium, who, with naked swords, had taken the posts of the Gatholians at the moorings.
The company said that through the partnership, Wynk Movies, users will be able to access ErosNow's premium Bollywood content such as exclusive on line premiers like Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Shamitabh, Badlapur, Happy Ending and NH 10, prior to the television premier.
Finally, given that one of the functions of atman- within the AV is to act as a reflexive marker, the acquisition of this role will be explained using semantic-syntactic criteria; this explanation is also directly linked to the development of this word in conjunction with that of tanu -.
Tanu Agrawal [1], Kanchan Garg [2], Dupinder Kaur [3], S.
During a serious marital brawl Manu ends up at the mental asylum in Twickenham whilst Tanu returns to Kapur to her family.
When Tanu Weds Manu released in 2011 there weren't high expectations for the movie, but to everyone's surprise it went on to become a blockbuster.
A literatura tem reportado que o teste de Emissao Otoacustica Evocada Transiente (EOAET) e o procedimento considerado adequado para a TANU, por ter um baixo custo, utilizar um estimulo acustico de fraca intensidade, abrangendo uma vasta gama de frequencia, e por ser um procedimento rapido e simples [7-9].
TANU perceived the limitation of democratic rights as an essential
Becker shows that 'many TANU campaigners were also members of tarika' (p.