TAOCThe Art Of Conversation
TAOCTactical Air Operations Center (USMC)
TAOCTexas Association of Counties
TAOCThe Art Of Chess
TAOCThe Army Operations Center
TAOCTraining Air Operations Center
TAOCTemporary Automatic Operation Control
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As for sampling time, the activities of plasma TAOC, GSH-Px, and SOD were decreased with the extension of the feeding time (Table 4).
Anti-oxidative ability : The TAOC, SOD, MDA and GSHPx analyses were conducted using the assay kits purchased from Nanjing Jiancheng Bioengineering Insititute (Nanjing, China) according to manufacturer's instructions.
Furthermore, a previous experiment using 2 g/kg oleanolic acid (OLA) extracted from LL produced improvement in the level of SOD and TAOC.