TAODATexas Association of Original Doll Artists
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In agreement with other research (Forsman, Birch, Zhang, & Kadefors, 2001; Thorn, Forsman, Zhang, & Taoda, 2002; Zennaro, Laubli, Krebs, Klipstein, & Krueger, 2003), we confirmed the existence of continuous activity during a limited (5-min) period.
MERS-CoV might be able to survive in the central air conditioning system, and spread through the vent pipe to the whole health care facilities, just like the situation once occurred in 2003, when SARS cases increased dramatically attributing to the rapid spread of the virus through drainage systems, in Taoda Garden, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China.[sup][20] More details should be valued and investigated carefully for better understanding of MERS-CoV transmission patterns.