TAPASATeacher and Principals Awarded for Student Achievement (San Antonio, Texas)
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By means of whom the gods ascended to heaven, quitting the body, to the navel of the immortal, by him may we go desiring glory to the world of well-done deeds, by means of the regimen of the hot-milk-pot (gharmasya vratena), by means of fervor (tapasa).
The fourteenth-century commentator Sayana glosses tapas as that "which arises from observing the rules of diksa, etc., and from fasting and so forth" (tapasa diksadiniyamajanitena anasanadina ca).
purvajatikrtam punah; 16.31 tapasa saptajatikrtena vai), and translate: "par la bonne grace des Pitr accordee dans leur(s) existence(s) anterieure(s)."
In BU(K) 6.2.16, three of these activities - sacrifice, gift giving, and austerity (ye yajnena danena tapasa lokan jayanti) - are engaged in by people destined to rebirth.