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TAPERTiered Approach for Eliminating Redundancy in Replica Synchronization
TAPERTemporary Appointment Pending Establishment of Register
TAPERThe Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (journal)
TAPERTheater Army Personnel Roll-Up System (also abbreviated as TAPERRUS)
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The French doctor held no taper; he was leaning against one of the columns in a respectful attitude implying that he, a foreigner, in spite of all differences of faith, understood the full importance of the rite now being performed and even approved of it.
Then suddenly there was a dull sound, a cry, the noise of a fall, the taper was extinguished, and a dark figure fled in the moonlight, rushed across the garden, and vanished amid the shrubs at the farther side.
She lay outstretched, dressed in her ordinary clothes, the extinguished taper still grasped in her hand, no mark or wound upon her--pale, placid, and senseless.
This, when removed, disclosed a flight of stone steps which led to a large room richly furnished and lighted by tapers. On a pile of cushions, covered with tapestry, sat the boy.
By the time I had finished night had fallen, and the ladies lighted up the castle with such a prodigious quantity of tapers that even day could hardly have been brighter.
I found myself in a large, vaulted room, lighted by tapers, scented with aloes and ambergris, standing in golden candle-sticks, whilst gold and silver lamps hung from the ceiling.
Henry held the taper. Looking into the cavity, by the dim and flickering light, they both detected a dark object at the bottom of it.
Unless some particular festivity was going forward, the inmates of Marheyo's house retired to their mats rather early in the evening; but not for the night, since, after slumbering lightly for a while, they rose again, relit their tapers, partook of the third and last meal of the day, at which poee-poee alone was eaten, and then, after inhaling a narcotic whiff from a pipe of tobacco, disposed themselves for the great business of night, sleep.
The Tree trembled so in every bough that one of the tapers set fire to the foliage.
There is uncertainty in the medical literature about using a long-acting benzodiazepine to taper off a short-acting benzodiazepine, although this practice is generally clinically accepted.
"More distance in the cast is possible with the forward taper," said Joyce.
* Results At baseline and again at 6 months post-initial intervention, the MPC Group was taking significantly higher daily doses of morphine equivalents than the Taper Group.