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TAPESTactical Planning & Engineering System
TAPESTotal Army Performance Evaluation System
TAPESTrans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar
TAPESTotal Army Personnel Evaluation System (US Army)
TAPESToxicological Agent Protective Ensemble
TAPESTrinity Amputation and Prosthesis Experience Scale
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Now if you think you can baste two rows of white tape round the bottom of your pink skirt and keep it straight by the checks, I'll stitch them on for you and trim the waist and sleeves with pointed tape-trimming, so the dress'll be real pretty for second best."
It had never recovered the heavy fine imposed upon Walpole Crawley, first baronet, for peculation in the Tape and Sealing Wax Office.
Having disposed of this temperate refreshment, she arose from her stool, tied her papers into a formal packet with red tape, and taking them under her arm, marched out of the office.
To safeguard their information, most organizations run a daily * backup process, during which an exact copy of their files and e-mails are written to a number of tapes, which are then stored offsite.
TAPE SHAPES Protein self-assembly inspired Whitesides' most recent self-folding project.
Traditional tape backup methods are simply not capable of keeping up the increased size of Message Stores and the limited backup window.
The BGSA system overcomes the cost and quality issues by using generic double-sided PSAs and a process of securely bonding the tapes to custom elastomer extruded profiles in a high quality one-step process.
With Pathlight VX, organizations can eliminate the problem of expanding data and shrinking backup windows by shifting the time when they write tapes. In the new model, data is written rapidly to the Pathlight VX disk array during the normal backup window.
As with the other tapes, this tape includes people talking about their experiences with treatment and recovery, stressing that addiction can happen to anyone.
Some departments also cited the prohibitive costs involved in purchasing and maintaining equipment, remodeling interview rooms, and storing tapes.
Almost everyday the Society receives information about a new tape being made either by an individual, a commercial firm, or our very own chapters.
Physical loss is still an issue with tapes in transit: just ask Bank of America what it thinks about that.