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TAPESTRYTravel Awareness Publicity and Education Supporting a Sustainable Tansport Strategy in Europe
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Macallan drew aside the strip of tapestry, and, signing me to follow her, passed behind it.
Standing on the inner side of the tapestry, I found myself in a dark recess or passage, at the end of which a ray of light from the lamp showed me a closed door.
She arranged the tapestry behind us so as completely to shut out the light in the circular room.
The chair passed on, and burst aside the hanging tapestry. The light of the lamp in the circular room poured in through the gap.
She put her hand accidentally upon the tapestry near her, and then sprang back, feeling quite startled.
After a very short search, you will discover a division in the tapestry so artfully constructed as to defy the minutest inspection, and on opening it, a door will immediately appear -- which door, being only secured by massy bars and a padlock, you will, after a few efforts, succeed in opening -- and, with your lamp in your hand, will pass through it into a small vaulted room."
D'Artagnan looked for some tapestry behind which he might hide himself, and felt an immense inclination to crawl under the table.
At this instant the tapestry was raised and a noble and handsome head, but frightfully pale, appeared under the fringe.
A burst of satisfaction hailed the last words of the captain; and two or three heads, carried away by the enthusiasm of the moment, appeared through the openings of the tapestry. M.
Gondy, who began to feel uneasy, examined the tapestry with his eyes, touched the coat of mail which he wore under his long gown and felt from time to time to see if the handle of a good Spanish dagger, which was hidden under his cloak, was well within reach.
He knit his brows and went direct to the tapestry, which he pushed aside.
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