TAPLFTrans-Alaska Pipeline Liability Fund
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According to Kastner, the important consideration is that Congress saw fit to establish the TAPLF and give it the power to handle these types of claims.
82) The second came from Congress itself when it enacted the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act (TAPAA) and, with it, the TAPLF.
Under the TAPAA, if oil that has been transported through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline spills, the owner and operator of the vessel and the TAPLF shall be strictly liable for all damages caused by an oil spill.
The TAPLF also concluded that such claims were not entitled to recovery.
Under the TAPLF, those injured as a result of the oil spill could simply submit a claim detailing their injuries and the TAPLF administrators would accept or reject the claim.
The TAPLF and Exxon's active efforts to settle claims through its Claims Program created a benefit to all parties.