TAPNThe Accounts Payable Network
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'The debilitated cousin holds that it's sort of thing that's sure tapn slongs votes--giv'n--Mob.
A TAPN is a 7-tuple (P, T, IA, OA, c, i, Type) where P is a finite set of places.
In a TAPN that is k-bounded we repreent a Token as an element from 1,2,..., k.
TAPN is mostly used for the verification of three types of properties of interest.
Visit http://www.corcentric.com/resources/white-papers.aspx to download a complimentary copy of TAPN's “Clearing Up the Cloud” report.
Launched in January 2003, TAPN, a unit of Financial Operations Network, has about 1,900 customer companies and 3,000 users, Binkow said in an interview.
"A/P touches everybody," he says, and while smaller organizations may be the most in need of TAPN services, "the site is so robust that it does help larger companies," who will use the site to benchmark or to update policies, he adds.
TAPN charges a seat-based fee structure that starts with a single seat for $695 a year.