TAPRTucson Amateur Packet Radio
TAPRTallgrass Prairie National Preserve (US National Park Service)
TAPRTraining Activity Program Roster (TRADOC)
TAPRTraining Activity Program Report
TAPRTransoesophageal Atrial Pacing and Recording (arrhythmias)
TAPRTotal Abdominal and Pelvic Radiotherapy (ovarian carcinoma)
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School 4 enrollment numbers were tabulated by combining elementary, middle, and high school data from the TAPR report for the year.
Data for this virtual school were reported separately by school level into the TAPR system.
(6) States were required to submit their TAPR data to the Department of Labor beginning in 1999, but online posting did not begin until 2010.
(7) Each annual edition of TAPR is updated with data on %EE and AE after the relevant six-month periods have occurred.
Unfortunately, the TAPR data have a number of weaknesses.
Our original TAPR dataset included data on 286,840 individuals who exited the TAA program between the final quarter of 2000 and the first quarter of 2008.
(146) See The TAPR Open Hardware License, TAPR (May 25, 2007), archived at http://perma.cc/6GPB-LUPD (comparing the TARP license to the GPL).
Mae yna sawl enw Cymraeg ar y gorsen gan gynnwys cynffon y gath, ffon y plant, ffynwewyr ellyllon, ffynwewyr y plant, hesgen felfedog fwyaf, penmelfed, rhodell, rholbren calfelfed a tapr y dwr.
Tenders are invited for Supply of adhesive polyester tapr, colour - black, as per gr.
Barry McLarnon, VHF/UHF/Microwave Radio Propagation: A Primer for Digital Experimenters, TAPR, 1997, archived at http://www.webcitation.org/5eQOEHcKc.
Tenders are invited for (1 Box file ( Nandi / Zeebra or Equivalant) (2 Cello Tape (1/2 w - 10 Mtrs wonder Tapr /i Bond (3 Computer file ( A3 size) (4 Gem Cup (5 Gum Bottle (300 Ml ) Camel (6 Pencil Eraser (7 Pencil BH ( Camel / Nataraj / Apsara) (8 Pencil mendore(9 Pin (bell) (10 Puching Machine ( kangaroo) (11 Register 100 Pages Ruled (12 Register 200 Pages Ruled (13 Register 300 Pages Ruled etc
This year the Transmission Annual Planning Report (TAPR) includes official forecasts of NSW annual energy usage from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).