TAPTTexas Association for Play Therapy (also seen as TXAPT)
TAPTTennessee Association of Pupil Transportation
TAPTTexas Association for Public Transportation
TAPTTeens Are People Too (Diocese of Gary retreat; Merrillville, IN)
TAPTTurn-a-Page-Together (book club; Gallaudet University; Washington, DC)
TAPTTropical Analysis and Prediction System (meteorology)
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In the current study, this technology is named the treatment agent post-processing technology (TAPT).
The experimental results obtained employing the treatment agent post-processing technology (TAPT) are illustratively shown in Figures 6, 7 and 8 and presented in Table 3.
where TAPt and TAPb denote the apparent temperature distribution of object and background, respectively.
Fasciculo Lugar de origen Numero de casos 1 PT C1 18/20 TPPT C2 2/20 2 TPPT C2 14/21 * TAPT C2 4/21 PT C1 1/21 TPPT C3 1/21 Tendon de F1 1/21 3 TPPT C3 15/21 * TPPT C4 4/21 TAPT C3 2/21 4 TPPT C4 11/16 TPPT C5 3/16 TAPT C4 1/16 Tendon de F3 1/16 5 TPPT C4 2/3 TPPT C5 1/3 Lugar de Cara Frecuencia (%) origen PT C1 Posterior 67.77 Anterior 22.22 TPPT C2 Lateral 10 TPPT C2 66.66 TAPT C2 19.08 PT C1 Posterior 4.76 TPPT C3 4.76 Tendon de F1 4.76 TPPT C3 71.42 TPPT C4 19.04 TAPT C3 9.52 TPPT C4 68.75 TPPT C5 18.75 TAPT C4 6.25 Tendon de F3 6.25 TPPT C4 66.66 TPPT C5 33.33 PT: Proceso transverso de vertebra cervical.
TAPT was used by Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi who killed 22 victims.
tapt "We have a few league titles to our credit but I never won any finals so I'm hoping to be part of a group that wins the trophy on Sunday."
There was a white liquid said to be TAPT (Triacetone Triperoxide), aka 'Mother of Satan'.