TAPVDTotal Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage (congenital heart disease)
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This suggested a likely specific diagnosis--infra-cardiac totally anomalous pulmonary venous drainage (TAPVD) with obstruction.
If the heart is not enlarged, the differential is further limited and the most likely diagnosis would be infra-cardiac TAPVD. Only the very rare entities of cor triatrium and congenital mitral stenosis could mimic the radiographic pattern but, in reality, these diagnoses can usually be diffentiated by recognising atrial enlargement.
Infra-cardiac TAPVD represents approximately 10% of congenital TAPVD.
Pulmoner arteriyel hipertansiyona neden olan dogumsal kalp hastaliklan (DKH) Soldan saga gecisli DKH Ventrikuler septal defekt (VSD) Atriyal septal defekt (ASD) Atriyoventrikuler septal defekt (AVSD) Patent duktus arteriyozus (PDA) Aortiko pulmoner pencere Siyanotik DKH Buyuk damarlarin transpozisyonu--VSD Trunkus arteriyozus Total anormal pulmoner venoz donus anomalisi (TAPVD) Cift cikimli univentrikuler kalp Pulmoner venoz hipertansiyona neden olan DKH Mitral kapak darligi Kor triatriatum Obstruksiyonlu TAPVDA Aort darligi Aort koarktasyonu Kardiyomiyopatiler Ameliyatla olusturulan sol sag santlar Tablo 2.
Rachael was born with a rare condition called Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage (TAPVD), which meant her heart wasn't pumping blood round itself properly.
At Birmingham, staff were still drawing a blank and it was only on the hunch of one of the consultants that he was eventually tested for TAPVD - total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage - an extremely rare condition where veins take blood to the wrong side of the heart.
Ellis is here purely because of the dedication and vigilance of two people - the midwife and the consultant who had the hunch about TAPVD."