TAPhATransactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association
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"Caesar's Comet, the Julian Star, and the Invention of Augustus" in TAPhA, 143: 405-449.
In the first level of the third world in the game, the song "Tapha Niang," by musician Toumani Diabate, can be heard in the background.
A post on a Sony public Internet forum alerted developers to the issue, noting that Diabate's "Tapha Niang" included two expressions from the Quran that could cause offence to Muslims.
Passengers Serwan Mus- tapha, 25, and Hassi Sallah, 18, died when the car plunged down an embankment off the M4 near Newport.
Small, `The Arms of Turns: Aeneid 7.783-92' TAPhA 90 (1959), 243-52; V.
(17) It is necessary for me to make clear at this point that I now incline to the view (rejected at TAPhA 118 [1988], 179) that the present arrangement of poems in the Catullan collection reflects the poet's own design; cf.
'Comedy and the comic poets in Greek epigram.' TAPhA 77:83-102.