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(Examples of such next-generation tools may be found on the TAPoR website.)
Which specific subject topics are most frequently represented in cancer blog posts, as determined by (a) blogger-defined tags and (b) TAPoR software-generated tags?
To address research question 1, TAPoR List Words was used to generate a list and count of the individual words in each blog posting, including unique and duplicate words.
These findings indicated that blogger-defined tags used fewer common terms than those of the TAPoR-generated keywords and that TAPoR assigned more irrelevant subject terms than human bloggers did.
On average, bloggers assigned 4.49 tags per blog posting and TAPoR generated 23 keywords per posting.
However, this assumption has a major limitation in that the study could not control the number of keywords generated by TAPoR. These findings are a potential indicator of retrieval performance, with important implications for overall quality of subject accessibility, in terms of breadth and depth of content coverage.