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TAQTete a Queue
TAQTheoretically Asked Question
TAQTrade and Quote Detail (New York Stock Exchange)
TAQTribunal Administratif du Québec (French: Administrative Tribunal of Quebec; Canada)
TAQTrade and Quote Database (Kellogg School of Management; Northwestern University; Evanston, IL)
TAQTotal Army Quality
TAQTerminus A Quo (starting point)
TAQTechnicien Auditeur Qualité (French: Technician Quality Auditor)
TAQTransient Airman Quarters
TAQTerminus ad Quiem (final or ending point)
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The new TAQ fleet is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to provide protection for stock, drivers and vehicles.
Also among those present were senior managers of TAQ and heads of its allied companies based in the city, including its Resident Director Karachi Mustazar S.
The expression vector with Taq DNA polymerase gene, developed in the present study, will certainly expand more avenues for heat-tolerant genetic transformation in plants.
Optimization of Thermostabilized Multiplex Mixture (Enzyme Stabilizer and Taq DNA Polymerase).
In the present study, four SNPs of VDR, Bsm I (rs1544410), Taq I (rs731236), Apa I (rs7975232), and Fok I (rs10735810), were genotyped with the restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis method, aiming to find association between dental caries and VDR gene polymorphisms in Chinese adolescents.
Hours later, the company released a statement to the London Stock Exchange announcing the halving of the reserves of the Taq Taq oil field in Iraqi Kurdistan, the value of which had already been hurt by the collapse in oil prices and the proximity of Islamic State fighters.
Empirical Bioscience has approved the enhanced labeling of its Taq Master Mix line--including the FlashTaq HotStart Master Mix and rEVAIution qPCR Master Mix products--for storage and use at room temperature (15 to 25 C) for up to 60 days, and for extended refrigeration storage at 4 C for up to 180 days.
The KRG-built pipeline runs from the Taq Taq oilfield via Khurmala to Fish Khabur on the border where it connects with the main Kirkuk-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline which runs to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.
In the presented study, we analyzed the efficiency of incorporating modified nucleoside triphosphates by various thermostable DNA polymerases: Taq, Tersus(Pfu), Deep Vent, Phusion.
Genel said on Tuesday the partners operating the Taq Taq oilfield had received an initial gross payment of $30 million from the KRG for oil exported via the KRI-Turkey pipeline.
Genel Energy, which operates Taq Taq and Tawke oilfields in Iraqi Kurdistan, said that these two oilfields are still operating and have been producing an average of 230,000 barrels per day (bpd) this week, according to Reuters.