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TARETransparent Auto Relocate
TARETexas Adoption Resource Exchange
TARETelegraph Automatic Relay Equipment
TARETactical Reconnaissance Evaluation
TAREThreat Assessment and Response (security professionals; Canada)
TARETelecommunications Automated Relay Equipment
TARETape Assisted Reperforator Equipment
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The police had been hunting down Tare who was identified as the lone gunman who shot and killed PO1 Michael June Ejoc and wounded three other policemen from the Provincial Intelligence Branch while they were about to raid a suspected drug den in Poblacion 1, Tagbilaran, on Friday.
Each chapter in TARE has subheadings for the major topics covered; these topics are basically the same in the Student Handbook.
He had asked to go away and we satisfied him by lowering our financial demands," said Tare.
Tare and Maxwell opened the innings, as the latter took charge in the early overs.
If Agarkar played an uncharacteristically patient knock, Tare matched him by moving at a snail's pace.
Two checkweighers--one for tare and one for gross--would need to be synchronized precisely and communicate with each other to ensure that a particular bottle's tare matched with its gross.
There's obviously much more than tare weight involved
The low-profile type is normally much easier to tare.
Nothing But Drama By ReShonda Tare Billingsley Pocket Books, November 2006 $9.
Onboard truck scales can also be manipulated by entering an inflated tare weight.
Albania's strength lies up front, and Serie A strikers Erlon Bogdani and Igli Tare have formed an excellent partnership.
Visit The Saatchi Gallery and the Tare Modern for the best in contemporary modern art.