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The former target was now removed, and a fresh one of the same size placed in its room.
He was speaking almost at the instant that the shaft left the bowstring, yet it alighted in the target two inches nearer to the white spot which marked the centre than that of Hubert.
Thus exhorted, Hubert resumed his place, and not neglecting the caution which he had received from his adversary, he made the necessary allowance for a very light air of wind, which had just arisen, and shot so successfully that his arrow alighted in the very centre of the target.
The trumpet sounded again, and a new target was set up at forty ells.
They missed one after another and dropped moodily back, while the trumpet sounded for the third round, and the target was set up fifty ells distant.
The target seemed hardly larger than the inner ring had looked, at the first trial.
Shoot each man from yon mark, which is sevenscore yards and ten from the target.
Six arrows were within the clout, four within the black, and only two smote the outer ring; so that when the last arrow sped and struck the target, all the people shouted aloud, for it was noble shooting.
In the wildest way," repeated Fisher, still peering intently at the target.
And he stooped again over the target, putting something with his finger over each of the shot-holes, so far as March could see merely a dull-gray smear.
Phil, on one knee at the target, is in course of protesting earnestly, though not without many allegorical scoops of his brush and smoothings of the white surface round the rim with his thumb, that he had forgotten the Bagnet responsibility and would not so much as injure a hair of the head of any member of that worthy family when steps are audible in the long passage without, and a cheerful voice is heard to wonder whether George is at home.
Phil Squod, with the aid of a brush and paint-pot, is employed in the distance whitening the targets, softly whistling in quick-march time and in drum-and-fife manner that he must and will go back again to the girl he left behind him.