TARLTexas Archaeological Research Laboratory
TARLTopics, Aging, and Recursive Linking (general process model)
TARLTotal Alkaloids from Radix Linderae (pharmacology)
TARLTun Abdul Razak Library
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J-PAL and Pratham recently collaborated on a major nationwide scale-up of TaRL in Zambia.
TARL was established in 1987 as a comprehensive analytics company, spun off from the analytical research arm of Takeda's Research Division.
Given the situation, and after deliberation on its own future business potential, TARL has concluded that integration with SCAS would be beneficial for greater business growth for both TARL and SCAS, and has decided to transfer its business to SCAS, and Takeda has decided to endorse such decision accordingly.
"Ashley did a lot of cleaning and Tarl took the dog for a walk and Philip soaked up so much pressure at the same time as holding down a full-time job as a welder.
En presence du ministre des Sports, Tahmi, du president du Comite olympique algerien, Mustapha Berraf, du directeur des sports militaires, le general-major Benziane Mokdad, et de plusieurs personnalites du mouvement sportif algerien, le representant du ministre de la Justice, garde des Sceaux, a inaugure, hier matin, le siege du Tribunal algerien de reglement des litiges sportifs (TARLS) base au COA.
Ces demarches ont abouti a la prise d'une sentence du Tribunal arbitral pour le reglement des litiges sportifs rendu en premier et dernier ressort au mois de mars 2012, d'un courrier du ministere de l'Interieur et des Collectivites locales en mai 2011 remettant en cause la decision du MJSCeet d'une ordonnance d'execution de la sentence du TARLS prononcee sous forme de jugement du Tribunal de Bir Mourad Rais.
Mayor of Budapest Istvn Tarls highlighted: as a born Budapest resident, it makes me especially delighted that the delegations of more than 180 countries felt at home in our capital city.
The Tourist Accommodation Refurbishment Loan Scheme (TARLS), which was developed by the Coordinator General, fits within a key aim of our strategic plan with industry, T21, to invest in tourism infrastructure to grow the visitor economy.