TARMTre Allegri Ragazzi Morti (Italian: Three Merry Dead Boys; band; Italy)
TARMTest Accertamento Requisiti Minimi (Italy, University Admission Tests' name)
TARMTangible Augmented Reality Modeling (software)
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“I’m sure I’ve never heard ‘em spoken of by any other’ name than Quakers, so called,” returned Remarkable, betraying a slight uneasiness; “I should be the last to call them otherwise, for I never in my life used a disparaging’ tarm of the Judge, or any of his family.
The highest average herbage yield (3432.5 kg/da) was obtained from a mixture of oat with the Hungarian vetch varieties of Tarm
GPV Industri, headquartered in Tarm, Denmark, is a knowledge-based supplier and strategic outsourcing partner within mechanics, electronics and printed circuit boards (PCB).
The only time (pronounced 'tarm') I've ever gone after somebody is with Arthur Scargill.
(15.) This comparison excludes one outlying top performer (Brestrup Friklinik) that exceeds the national average productivity level by 40% as well as two outliers at the bottom (Lemuig and Tarm) operating only at around 60% of the national average productivity level.
So in 2002, the local government was given funding by the central government to re-green Manggarai ("reboisasi") (TARM 2004: 10).
Inspiratia nu ma gaseste de doua ori pe acelasi tarm ...
Schwarz, ed., 1956) (noting that in 1928 over a thousand Yiddish books were published in Europe): Michael Tarm, "A Forgotten Yiddish Past," CITY PAPER: THE BALTIC STATES, available at http://www.balticsww.com/news/features/yidish.htm.
"There have been substantial changes in the last 10 to 20 years that make it easier and more convenient to use wood-fired central heat," according to Lloyd Nichols, co-owner of boiler distributor TARM USA, Inc.
What is required, next, are major PARM-like tests of newspaper, direct-response, and television advertising--a NARM, DARM, and TARM. Since many nonprofit arts organizations do advertising (but in a "least expense" mode), also testing their budgeted media in a concentrated, PARM-like manner may provide confirmatory data for both the commercial and nonprofit sectors.
(202.) Michael Tarm, Sense of Betrayal May Topple Lithuania's Communists, L.A.
In Tallinn, capital of Estonia, Estonian-American Michael Tarm has started a quarterly English-language tabloid called City Paper.