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TARNTrauma Audit and Research Network (UK)
TARNTrans Asian Railway Network
TARNThe Accounts Receivable Network (Atlanta, GA)
TARNTactical Air Request Network
TARNTalk America Radio Network (Las Vegas, NV)
TARNTarget Accrual Redemption Note
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getting the comply with the norm secondary " To counteract the lack of senior staff, Mr Tarn has provided an executive principal and a vice principal, alongside six to eight staff members from other academies who can go to Freebrough and work with remaining staff and children.
nationaltrust.org.uk point you have two options: you can walk back along the Blea Tarn road to your car, or retrace the path back past the tarn to your car - the quiet choice which also keeps you safe from traffic.
The couple had a son, Harry, in 1945, and Mrs Tarn now has two grandchildren, Rachel and Anna, and three great grandchildren, Tom, Harry and Alexander.
Mrs Tarn, who has read The Journal for more than 60 years, added: "It is all local news.
Wondrous tarn, I want to see All your moods laid bare for me, A lovely tone-poem of you sings - The music pulls at my hear t-strings.
TEE OFF...Coventry Hearsall men (from left) Bob Esslemont, Mark Davies, Mike Tarn, Barry Littlewood.
He manages to charm everyone, even Tarn's teacher at school.
Although the relation between sound and vision occasionally strikes too literal a note, de Montalembert's compelling story and Tarn's painterly imagery capably sustain the succinct running time.
'But Tarn Bay Jet took a long time to come right after he'd arrived here from Ireland, where he won three 410 yards races at Dundalk.
Scandals in the House of Birds is the epic re-telling of this event, along with the subsequent theft of the Maximon, in which, more than anyone else, poet and anthropologist Nathaniel Tarn is the central figure.
Tarn, professor of systems science and mathematics, and doctoral student Kevin Brady are the first persons to control a robot live via the Internet.