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TARPTroubled Asset Relief Program (US Department of the Treasury)
TARPTunnel and Reservoir Plan
TARPTarget Identifiers Address Resolution Protocol
TARPTrigger Action Response Plan (various organizations)
TARPTechnical Assistance Research Programs (Arlington, Virginia and London, UK)
TARPTissue Array Research Program
TARPTechnical Assistance for Repairables Processing (US DoD)
TARPTID Address Resolution Protocol
TARPTarget Audience Rating Point (Australian advertising industry audience measure)
TARPTrust-Aware Routing Protocol
TARPTennessee Association of Railroad Passengers
TARPTucson Airport Remediation Project (environmental cleanup; Arizona)
TARPTactics Analysis Reporting Process (US Air Force)
TARPTennessee Angler Recognition Program (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency)
TARPThreat Awareness and Reporting Program (US Army)
TARPTax Administration Reform Programme (Pakistan)
TARPThe Average Reasonable Person (legal)
TARPTobacco Addiction Recovery Program
TARPTheater Army Repair Program
TARPThrift Administration Review Program
TARPTire Assembly Repair Program (US DoD)
TARPTracy Adult Resource Program (Tracy, CA, USA)
TARPTarget Acquisition and Reconnaissance Platoon
TARPTactical Air Reconnaissance Pod
TARPTraining, Advocacy, Referral, Peer Support
TARPTowed-Array Ranging Program
TARPTransportation Accounts Receivable and Payment System
TARPTowed-Array Range Processor/Processing
TARPTemporary Asset Redistribution Program
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Hurricane debris removal is made much easier with debris lifting tarps.
For each percentile of protection under consideration, buffer distances are presented for three categories of tarp (60%, other, and no tarp).
Of the six, one was conserved and returned its TARP money after the conservatorship, another was merged and repaid the money before the merger and a third reported that it did not understand the inspector general considered it to be in violation.
It also makes a fitted tarp to go over a certain brand of aluminum-framed garages.
Take the mesh tarp and cut it to the length and width needed to cover the blind frame," he said.
An Oregon populist politician describes himself not as a "blue collar guy," but as a "blue tarp guy.
GM has squared its loans with the government, but there was far more to the $52 billion in TARP funds.
It had paid the Treasury about USD297m in dividends and interest related to TARP.
Between December 2008 and November 2010, SIG TARP grew in size from 2 to 140 full-time employees.
In an October report, Neil Barofsky--the inspector general assigned to monitor TARP--accused the Treasury Department of quietly changing its accounting methods to make TARP losses seem far smaller than they actually were.
Now DFID has agreed to contribute grant assistance of $16 million under the World Bank-funded ongoing TARP with a total revised estimated cost of $76 million and this project is going to be completed by December 2011, he said.
Unfortunately, the administration and some in Congress want to transform TARP into a permanent slush fund for the Democratic majority to fund their legislative fancies.