TARRCTun Abdul Razak Research Centre (Malaysian Rubber Board; UK)
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A meeting with ELTAG members and TARRC personnel, including Dr.
Although there is plenty of space for other necessary experiments to confirm this tannin action to decrease or to eliminate latex allergenicity, the results provided by TARRC analysis open a new research approach to deal with this important subject.
Along with technical paper presentations and organizational meetings, the Science and Technology Awards Banquet honored this year's award winners, including Sudhin Datta, ExxonMobil Chemical, 2015 Charles Goodyear Medalist; Alan Muhr, TARRC, winner of the Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award; Gert Heinrich, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, winner of the George S.
Ellul of ExxonMobil Chemical, will include the following presentations: "Charles Goodyear Medal winner --Meso crystalline propylene-ethylene copolymers: Elastomers with plastics processing," Sudhin Datta, ExxonMobil Chemical; "Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award--Behavior of mbber: Applications of stress-strain models," Alan Muhr, TARRC, U.K.; "George S.
Day 1, Session 4 on Tires, Testing and Property Research: "Shearography in tire manufacturing," Rainer Huber, Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, Germany; "Bringing EU labeling into the lab--noise, wet, energy loss," Kevin Kefauver, NTRC; "Development of a year-round indoor winter testing facility," Turo Tapio Tiilila, Test World Ltd., Finland; "Fatigue crack growth rates measurements in filled SBR samples," Pierre Rublon, LRCCP, France; "Vulcanized rubber: New technique for measurement of heat buildup," Saikat Das Gupta, Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer & Tyre Research Institute, India; "Visualization of treadwear," Pamela Martin, TARRC, U.K.; and "Winter tire traction test methods and requirements," Dean Tener, Smithers Rapra.
Session 2A on Rubber Upstream Sector: Novel Approaches will include the following presentations: "Envisioning the future with rubber genes," Dow Keng See, Malaysian Rubber Board; "Genome assembly of Hevea brasiliensis latex timber clone RR1M 928," Stuart Cook, TARRC; "The application of lateral flow technology in the detection of specific allergens in latex," Alessandra Di Cola, TARRC; and "Milling of chemical dispersions and their effect on the vulcanization and properties of natural rubber latex films," Manroshan Singh, Malaysian Rubber Board.
Hamid Ahmadi, TARRC, and Mark Gurvich, United Technologies Research Center, co-chairs.
An earlier study carried out at TARRC found that Vulcan 1436 NR compound gave 10% lower rolling resistance and similar tread wear to an N234 compound.
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