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TARSALTrial Applications Using the RSAL Tool
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2003); tarsal claws 1-toothed with (couplet 8') L maricaensis Rodrigues & Maia, 2010 (Rodrigues & Maia 2010), and antennal horn of pupa developed (couplet 1), conspicuous apical setae of pupa, 0.05 mm long (couplets 2 and 3'), simple dorsal abdominal spines of pupa present, (couplets 4' and 6) with L spinosa Maia, 2004.
Specifically, we compared the tarsal morphology of adults and nymphs for the cosmetid harvestmen Cynortula granulata Roewer 1912, Erginulus clavotibialis (Pickard-Cambridge, 1905) and Paecilaema inglei Goodnight & Goodnight, 1947 and those of adults and nymphs for Cranellus montgomeryi Goodnight & Goodnight, 1947 (Manaosbiidae), Glysterus sp.
Reduced MafB expression enhanced osteoclast activity [5], resulting in osteolysis predominantly in carpal and tarsal bones.
A decision for the synchronous surgical treatment of both conditions followed, by using the lateral tarsal strip procedure and the levator resection technique.
Though fixation of the accessory bone has been previously reported, in the index case, this was not an option because of its particular shape, with a medial protuberance invading the tarsal tunnel.
The total score of the signs (TSS) was calculated as the sum of the score of conjunctival hyperemia and chemosis, conjunctival serous and mucosal secretion, large and small tarsal papillae, limbal dots or nodules, and superficial wound corneal epithelium or corneal ulceration, obtaining a TSS from 0 to 18.
Radiographs showed multifocal lytic lesions in the tarsal bones.
These studies have suggested that tibia is the most commonly involved bone, followed by the metatarsal and tarsal bones.
A tarsal coalition can occur between any of the seven tarsal bones.
For paralytic vector lower eyelid retraction, prior surgical options include tarsorrhaphy, canthal anchoring, tarsal pillars, or suspension procedures.