TARSUTassa Rifiuti Solidi Urbani (Italy)
TARSUTassa Asporto Rifiuti Solidi Urbani (Italian: Municipal Solid Waste Collection Fee; Castelmassa, Italy)
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: Inspection and verification services of cadastral rent, Issuing inspections and clearing of ici, Imu, Tarsu, Tares, Tari tributes databases and the transmission of qualified reporting to the revenue agency.
Reliance, for the period of 3 years of service concession coercive collection of fines and tax and property revenues Ente ((ICI / IMU, TARSU, TARI, TOSAP, advertising tax and bill-posting) in relation to taxation 2017/2020 for the city of Orta di Atella (CE) Estimated value 420 000 EUR.
152/2006 (including those collected in a differentiated and dangerous urban waste) produced by utilities subject to TARSU / TARES, in accordance with municipal regulations, including the transfer to the final use plants for treatment or storage.
Contract notice: Concession of ~ local publicity taxes, duties on public billboards, public ground occupation tax, coercive collection of ici / imu / tasi / tarsu / tari, penalties for violations of the highway code and of ~ support recovery tax evasion activities municipalities.
Service Concession assessment, settlement and collection of local taxes on advertising, the rights for public advertising displays, the occupation of public spaces and areas tax, the daily waste tax - Service Concession of coercive collection of tax revenues - Services support management, detection, assessment and collection of the ICI, the IMU, TARSU, the TARES, the IUC (IMU, TASI and TARI) .
Contract notice:Support service office tributes of the city of gallipoli in the activity of investigation and recovery of local tax revenue ici - imu - tarsu - tares.
Contract notice: The contract consists in entrusting concession of the management service and collecting "voluntary" and "coercive" of municipal revenue: water services, ici, imu, tasi, tarsu, tares, tari, other property revenues and similar, as well as assessment and recovery of tax evasion bands relate to all duties, taxes and municipal taxes and other revenue of a different nature, for as specified and in the manner of the performance and the contractual conditions, indicated in the special procurement.