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TARSUSTowed Automatic Reverberation Survey System
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Shares in business-to-business media group Tarsus were up 37% at 427.12p on Friday morning.
We see the frustration Paul experiences with individuals who seek to spoil his work and preaching, but in the end, the faith of Paul of Tarsus is the reality of his faith and belief in Jesus as the Messiah.
Tarsus will also partner with Streamline Marketing Group in UAE.
22-24) variable shades of dark brown, with light scopulae on tarsi I--II; tibia I with row of 5 long retro-ventral macrosetae and distal pair of prolateral clasping spurs; metatarsus I with 3 pro-ventral and 9 retro-ventral macrosetae; tarsus I with 9 pro-ventral and 14 retro-ventral macrosetae.
As predictors in the generalized linear mixed models (GLMM) we used the following variables: age, year, tarsus length, body condition and ornament size.
The locals in Tarsus city organized a protest to condemn the heinous massacre perpetrated by terrorists against civilians in Ishtabrak in Idleb countryside, lashing out at the role of the Turkish government in supporting and training terrorists.
The appointment of Comztek and Tarsus means that Epson now has a strong channel in place to focus on growing our presence throughout Namibia." Epson's range of Large Format, Dot Matrix, LabelWorks, Ink Tank System (ITS) and Point of Sale (POS) printers, Projectors and Scanners are now available through these distributors.
Tarsus I 49 long, ba 10, ?1 thin and long 12, ?2 7.Leg II: 169 long, PR 12 long, Femur II 43, vf whip-like 33.Genu II 3, s' 7, cG 10, mG slender 20.
LegsAll of one type, I - IV measuring 113, 110, 86 and 110 in length respectively (TrChanter base to tarsus tip).
By what name is the Biblical figure Saul of Tarsus better known?
The walking legs of sea spider Phoxichilidium femoratum (Rathke, 1799) have eight segments, coxa 1, coxa 2, coxa 3, femur, tibia 1, tibia 2, tarsus, and propodus.