TARTAMTarif Réglementé Transitoire d'Ajustement du Marché (French: Transient Regulated Rate of Market Adjustment)
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Second, by removing many large customers from the open market, the Tartam reduces the number of participants in the wholesale market, thereby hampering its growth.
From this viewpoint, and in order to give competition to real chance, it would be better to allow the Tartam to expire in 2010.
Beyond the Tartam, which concerns only electricity, it would be well to reconsider the entire range of regulated prices to ensure that they allow the government to fulfil its public service obligations while reducing to a minimum State interference with price determination on the retail market.
* In the case of electricity, allow the Tartam (transitional regulated prices) to expire in 2010.
The Commission notes that TARTAM has so far benefited only a small group of companies, notably some 3,000 large electricity users or 10% of the large industrial and commercial consumption sites in France.
Established by the French Energy Law of 7 December 2006, TaRTAM, or tarif reglemente transitoire d'ajustement du marche', is a temporary regulated market adjustment tariff.