TASBAToledo Area Small Business Association (Ohio)
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Few outsiders who visited Tasba Pri could understand why anyone would not be happy there.
Less than half of the Coco River population, some 8,500 Miskitu and Sumu, were relocated to Tasba Pri; another 10,000 chose instead to cross into Honduras where they became refugees.
12 in a Managua hospital more than a week after being shot several times during a standoff with colonos in Waspam's Tasba Raya sector.
The only exception was Bilwi (Puerto Cabezas), in the Region Autonoma Atlantico Norte (RAAN), which remains in the hands of Yapti Tasba Masraka Nanih Aslatakanka (YATAMA), an indigenous political party.
Fajardo, a local government official, said about 200 homes in her area were severely damaged, 80% of the houses in Tasba Pauni, and 50% in Setnet Point.
(68.) Bayraktar S, Elsayegh N, Gutierrez Barrera AM, Lin H, Kuerer H, Tasbas T, Muse KI, Ready K, Litton J, Meric-Bernstam F, Hortobagyi GN, Albarracin CT, Arun B.
Digital caliper (150 mm.) was used for measurement of bones according to Tasbas and Tecirlioglu (1966).
Lawyer, Suleyman Tasbas, representing the 94 privileged shareholders who previously had the right to nominate Bank Asya board members, said that the bank is demanding an immediate return of control of its shares.
After slaughter, the heads were severed at the atlanto-occipital joint and subsequently processed by hot water maceration technique (Tasbas & Tecirlioglu, 1996) briefly as- at first the heads were cleaned by enucleating the eyes and separating most of the skin and attaching muscles.