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TASCAMTactical Airlift System Comparative Analysis Model
TASCAMTeac Audio Systems Corporation America
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Professional I/O options such as MADI and Dante, said Tascam, make the DA-6400 ideal for live recording, event capture or as a backup for critical DAW (digital audio workstation) sessions.
He also sent State Farm an email "as to" the Tascam recorder identifying the model he believed it was and stating that it sold for $1,600.
You get Tascam's entry-level but nonetheless capable US-4x4 USB audio interface from last year, along with a pair of TH-02 headphones, plus two TM-80 condenser mics with desktop stands, shockmounts and leads.
Tascam's 2x2 set comes with a condenser microphone, headphones (TH-02), Cakewalk Sonar X3 LE and Ableton Live Lite 9 DAW software.
But what I use the most, for every song that I do, is an old Tascam tape recorder.
One day, he gave me a cassette with about four songs on it that he had been recording on a Tascam four-track.
Recordings were made with a hydrophone built in the laboratory (sensitivity-40 dB re: 1 [micro]Pa and linear from 20 Hz and 60 kHz) on a digital recorder TASCAM HD-P2, with a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz.
We attempted to record coyote vocal responses using a Sennheiser MKH 70 shotgun microphone (Sennheiser Electronic, Wennebostel, Germany) attached to a laptop computer through a two-channel analog-audio-to-digital-audio mixer (US-144mkII; Tascam, Montebello, California, USA).
We used Shure SM93 omnidirectional microphones and a TASCAM US2000 USB sound card with 8 channels.
To streamline the installation process for Brenner, Talamas custom built a twelve-space rack to hold the venue's Telex BTR System, Sennheiser Evolution 100 wireless systems and a Tascam hard disk recorder/CD player.