TASCCTrade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (UK)
TASCCTeacher Assessment of Student Communicative Competence
TASCCTandem Accelerator Superconducting Cyclotron Facility (Chalk River)
TASCCTucson Almaty Sister Cities Committee (US and Kazakhstan)
TASCCTactical Air Support Coordination Center
TASCCThe Austin Stone Community Church (Austin, TX)
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Such behaviour is also confirmed by further simulations, which show that the proposed algorithm can achieve results similar to those ones exhibited by complex algorithms, such as the TASCC algorithm or the TPSMA.
Through TASCC, and related industry safety schemes, we have been able to demonstrate that high standards of food compliance have been achieved."
For those who participate in the scheme, TASCC has delivered a range of benefits including reduced audits and inspections by other stakeholders in the food chain.
In addition, by involving participants in developing the Codes of Practice and their related guidance notes, TASCC has ensured that the scheme, while rigorous, is practical.
The real agenda of the corporations who fired TASCC is to oppose any safety or health regulations that might impinge on their bottom line.
The Denver Post said TASCC would "provide a much need balance to the public debate that often surrounds disputed areas of science."
Autism TASCC Services was advised by Heatons and Hometrack by Ricksons.
Kent (1993) was particularly influential in the construction of the model that led to the development of the TASCC. In his chapter, he proposed a diagram that consisted of the following four principle dimensions of a child's social use of speech and language:
Due to their similarities, the elements of reliance on speech and nonverbal pragmatic communication were combined to form one dimension for the TASCC. Thus, this five-dimensional model was adapted in order to capture a rich range of behaviors associated with effective communication in the classroom.
The results of this study--in particular, the high internal consistency scores--indicate that the items on the TASCC are related and work well together.
Thus, potential users will want to consider future evaluations of the TASCC in relation to the specific purpose and child for which it will be used.
The TASCC has potential future implications for a variety of areas of speech and language, such as in work with individuals who have autism, phonological disorders, or stuttering or those who use augmentative and alternative communication systems.