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TASERThomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle
TASER[not an acronym] (trademark for a brand of electronic control devices; an homage to Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle)
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He said all incidences of Taser use were recorded on police body cameras and scrutinised by panels made up from members of the public.
The use of Tasers by police officers is understandably a highly contentious issue.
Naomi McAuliffe, the charity's Scotlandprogramme director, said: "Trained officers should be able to deploy a Taser if they feel there's a serious and present threat.
"Officers can be faced with a variety of dangerous situations, so it is important to understand that being equipped with a taser allows an officer to engage a violent subject, or a person who is armed or intent on selfharming, from a safe distance.
Police officers must decide whether using a Taser is legal, proportionate and necessary in the situation.
In 2008, Leicestershire Police used tasers against under 18s three times, and none at all in 2009.
There were two incidents of red-dotting in Calderdale, an incident involving two 16-year-olds in a car, one of whom was armed with a metal bar, and an incident in Kirklees where an officer chased two suspects and shouted at them to stop, and that they had a taser, before drawing and red-dotting.
The Murphysboro City Council approved a plan to replace the Tasers currently in use by the police department.
Axon Enterprise Inc, the Arizona-based company which produces Taser guns, warns against using them on "higher risk populations."
A Taser projects two metal darts, called probes, by electrically charging a cartridge of compressed gas.