TASETTechnically Advanced Smoke Estimation Tools (project)
TASETTaesung Environmental Technology (Korea)
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The taset al-raaba is one of several objects that were part of an age-old tradition known as the diwan, which saw Palestinian men gather in a space to drink coffee, have conversations, and occasionally settle disputes.
Tabela 2 - Taxa de acumulo diaria de forragem (kg [ha.sup.-1] [dia.sup.-1] de MS) nos meses de julho (TAjul), agosto (TAago), setembro (TAset) e outubro (TAout).
sajandi teisel poolel toetas balti aadel talurahva lugemaopetamist, kui lugemisoskuse all moista peamiselt selle madalamat taset. Algeline vaimuliku kirjavara lugemise oskus ja usu pohitodede tundmine oli saavutatav kiriku poolt juhitava-kontrollitava koduopetuse ning sna horeda koolivorgu abil.
When we calculate the difference in [r.sub.3day] values between the da tasets, a clear picture emerges: CMORPH consistently performs better at low latitudes and ERA-Interim at high latitudes (Fig.
Three datasets from the three channels of communication are available at: http://tunweb.teradata.ws/tunstudent/dataset/Telco_churn_da tasets.zip.