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TASHThe Association for the Severely Handicapped (now The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps)
TASHTranscoronary Ablation of Septal Hypertrophy (cardiology)
TASHTechnical Aids and Systems for the Handicapped (Canada)
TASHTrauma Associated Severe Hemorrhage (scoring system)
TASH[not an acronym] (formerly The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps; Washington, DC)
TASHTenants' Association for Sheltered Housing (UK)
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Jonas, who fights out of Liverpool's Rotunda ABC, missed out on progressing further - but she is still the darling of L8 where pubs, shops and homes have been displaying posters and banners supporting Tash, as she is known to family and friends.
"Because participation was so strong, we can avoid the general layoffs I warned might be coming at the end of the 5-plus-5 plan," Tash wrote.
Smartly written and economically directed by Michael Buffong, with a sparky performance by Seroca Davis as Tash, Little Sweet Thing sheds interesting theatrical light on the roots of modern gun crime, as well as the more general failure of contemporary society to inspire young people.
He said the same about Tash - now dating dancer GAVIN HATCHER - when the couple split a year ago: "I'm gutted.
This does not mean that the TASH can be considered a constant impedance antenna simply because its surface can be defined by functions of an angle, but it may imply that the TASH structure has potential for frequency-independent performance.
TASH has chapters across the United States and members in 38 countries fighting for inclusion of all people in all aspects of society.
The book is divided into six sections plus an introductory statement and a final chapter on "Policy and Practices." Each of the major sections begins with a series of value statements in the form of TASH resolutions.
Fighting back tears she added: "There's so much more me and Tash could have done together if she had stayed up here.
A security source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The armed clashes erupted between army forces backed by the tribesmen and the militants of the ISIS, in the Tash area, south of Ramadi ."
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Izmir Chamber of Commerce Akram Demir Tash hailed Iran's progress in the industrial field, specially in the energy sector, and said that the country will become one of the world's leading industrial states in the next decade.
Saudi Arabia, Tash Ma Tash, The religious Police Tash Ma Tash is a famous and funny program in Saudi Arabia.