TASLTennessee Association of School Librarians
TASLTraining and Seminar Locators (est. 1993; San Ramon, CA)
TASLTexas Association of School Librarians
TASLTriangle Adult Soccer League (Raleigh, NC)
TASLTheater Authorized Stockage List
TASLThe Armor School Library (Fort Knox, KY USA)
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TASL provides aftersales services to multiple brands in India's automotive sector, and its diverse operations include automotive parts sourcing, and the sale, repair and maintenance of automobiles.
The joint venture has been a great example of successful US-India Industrial partnership and a testimony to Lockheed MartinaACAOs and TataaACAOs intent of developing aerospace manufacturing in India,aACA[yen] said Sukaran Singh, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, TASL. aACoeI congratulate the operations team that has ensured all deliveries ahead of schedule that will go a long way in extending our partnership to a new level with Lockheed Martin."
"He testified that the video screen turned off and on several times and at one point 'crashed.' He also explained that it was difficult to follow the ASL interpretation because he was trying to interpret for his wife, presumably through TASL.
TBAL, Boeing's first equity joint venture in the country, is the result of a 2015 partnership agreement with TASL. Work on the facility began in 2016 and was completed on schedule.
"Our partnership and joint venture with TASL in India has already proven that Indian industry can manufacture airframe components for the C-130J [Hercules] airlifter and the S-92 [Sikorsky] helicopter," he added.
While TASL continues to serve as the predominant sign language of deaf-blind individuals in the United States, recent years have seen an overwhelming embrace of touch signals — visual, social and environmental feedback given in real-time through touch on the body.
The recent data for HBV and HCV was released by the Turkish Association for the Study of the Liver (TASL) in 2010.
Collins (1993, 2004) has examined Tactile ASL (8) (TASL) and Deaf Blind interpretation.
Tasin Tubitak Marmara Arastirma Merkezinde X-ray difraksi-yon metodu kullandarak yamlan analizinde hipoksantin-ksantin (C5H4N4O2) tasl oldugu saptandi.
TVS Automobile Solutions Ltd (TASL), a subsidiary of TVS and Sons, the holding company, has been in the business of multi-brand car servicing and 24x7 emergency roadside assistance for the last nine years.
Maintaining a cold store facility is a complex tasL The compressors used in cooling systems are critical to the success of the operation and must be consistently maintained at peak efficiency.