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TASMThe Amazing Spider Man (movie)
TASMTurbo Assembler
TASMTelemark Cross Assembler
TASMTable Driven Assembler
TASMTomahawk Anti-ship Missile
TASMTactical Air-to-Surface Missile
TASMTexas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics
TASMTheater Aviation Single Manager (US Army)
TASMTactical Air Support Module
TASMTrusted Agent Security Manager
TASMTanker, Airlift, and Special Mission
TASMTotal AMEDD Systems Manager (US Army)
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This then, it seems, is what generated al-Ma'arri's jarring juxtaposition of the Islamic pilgrims or "Quraysh" (in the Luzum ma la yalzam editions, see below) and Mecca in the first hemistich with the extinct semi-legendary Arab tribes of Jadls and Tasm in the second.
What is Tasm?" (2.) I see time wreaking destructions on men's souls And erasing, 'til no word or trace of them remains.
To start, we can speculate that a first possibility that comes to mind is a proper noun, Tasm. Within the originally oral-formulaic nature of Arabic poetry with its conventional poetic associations and formulae, the name Tasm virtually spontaneously generates its legendary mate, Jadls.
Przyczyna sa rozne rodzaje tasm naglownych, w ktore wyposazane sa polmaski.
Przyczyna tak duzych zmian tlumienia nausznikow sa wypukle elementy regulacji tasm naglownych tych masek, przez co powstaja szczeliny miedzy poduszkami uszczelniajacymi nausznika i twarza uzytkownika.
Some 200 of the US Navy's 500 remaining Tasms were to be converted at a unit cost of around $1.3 million.
Then there's the temperature thing: the TASM memory process works only at cryogenic temperatures, making it a bit more difficult to manage within existing systems.
The first TASM and TLAM installations in US Navy warships were in four-cell armoured box launchers mounted on deck but they are now launched from the Mk.41 vertical launch system (VLS).
Runner- up was Pinky the Punk, by TasmS in Liberty, and Eden which was praised for having "a very realistic body and face, great posture".