TASMSTactical Air-To-Surface Missile System
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I go to London and see the busy multitudes in Fleet Street and the Strand, and it comes across my mind that they are but the ghosts of the past, haunting the streets that I have seen silent and wretched, going to and fro, phan- tasms in a dead city, the mockery of life in a galvanised body.
Some 200 of the US Navy's 500 remaining Tasms were to be converted at a unit cost of around $1.3 million.
There are four basic Tomahawk versions: the BGM-109A land-attack, nuclear (Tlam-N), the BGM-109B anti-ship missile (Tasm), the BGM-109C land-attack, conventional (Tlam-C) with unitary warhead, and the BGM-109D land-attack version with 166 submunitions (Tlam-D).