TASNTexas Association for School Nutrition (Austin, TX)
TASNTennessee Association of Student Nurses (Nashville, TN)
TASNTexas Association of School Nurses (Richardson, TX)
TASNThe Alabama Sports Network (University of Alabama)
TASNTracking Assets by Serial Number
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On Friday night, during the welcome reception and exhibits, TNA and TASN registrants are encouraged to participate in Nurses On the RUNway.
This must be a joint effort of the Texas DSHS, the TEA, and TASN officials, and the surveillance effort must be adopted as a part of the ongoing and routine health intake process required for enrollment in Texas schools.
Salutations from TASN (Tennessee Association of Student Nurses).
I am serving as the Breakthrough to Nursing Director for TASN, in addition to being the President of my nursing class.
2016 TNA & TASN Joint Conference Culture of Health: The Nurse, The Patient, The Community-Maximizing Life's Potential
I am the newly elected 2015-2016 President of the Tennessee Association of Student Nurses (TASN).
I knew then that nursing was my calling and I am ever so grateful to be given the opportunity to fulfill it not only by attending a nursing program, but also becoming involved with TASN and further contributing to the organization.
September 14th--Tracy Moore with recruitment at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and Connie McCarter, President District 1 spoke to TASN, RN students about the importance of advocacy and employment opportunities at The University of Tennessee Nursing School, Memphis
Attendees at the 2015 TNA & TASN Joint Conference, Nursing Ethics: Commitment, Compassion, Quality Care, held October 23-25 at the Franklin Marriott, Cool Springs, Franklin, Tenn., began their 2015 conference experience Friday with the opening of the TNA Membership Assembly and the Tennessee Nurses Foundation's Tenth Annual Silent Auction.
Salutations on behalf of the Tennessee Association of Student Nurses (TASN)!
It is for this reason also why I believe organizations such as the Tennessee Association of Student Nurses (TASN) are so important: they are the embodiment of what makes nursing special.
As East Regional Director, my job is to promote TASN to nursing students in the eastern part of the state.