TASRTlacova Agentura Slovenskej Republiky (News Agency of the Slovak Republic)
TASRThreat Advisory System Response (American Society for Industrial Security)
TASRTerminal Airport Surveillance Radar
TASRTactical Automated Situational Receiver
TASRTelecommunication Assessment Survey Report
TASRTLS (Translocation Liposarcoma)-Associated SR (Serine-Argenine) Protein
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A human skeleton was found in one cave."It is hard to say how it got there, it's a great mystery," said Lesinsky, as quoted by TASR, adding that they have yet to successfully date the skeleton.
TASR is the first technology that mitigates the impact of information leakage attacks regardless of their type and the underlying vulnerability contributing to their rise.
I even presented the park to a group of Swiss tourists and to pupils of the Presov school," Dzaovsky said, as quoted by TASR.
"Everyone will find something for him or her," she said for TASR. "It is also possible to rent an e-bike.
"Slovakia is a state with an anti-fascist tradition, she continued."Thanks to the uprising, [this tradition] was entered into our national and state 'birth certificate'," aputova said, as quoted by TASR, adding that although we live in peace, there are still threats in the country that can't be ignored.
Walking with bare feet on a particular surface of the path, such as sand, stones, wood, cones, grass or bark gives the body a feeling of balance and has a positive impact.Fitness park, too"Thanks to bare-foot walking and contact with particular parts of the path, the stimulation of many nerve-endings occur and the body gains many positive perceptions and experiences," Petrusova said, as quoted by TASR.
The recent events have proven that the increased number of police patrols have not increased the safety on the street, said Bratislava Mayor Matas Vallo."The new police station is also a way to involve citizens and the owners of the shops on Obchodna Street in finding solutions," he added, as quoted by TASR.
Each candidate will present their vision for the Supreme Court in public, Judicial Council head Lenka Prazenkova told TASR.Candidates' chancesGiven the number of judges who recommended each candidate, it can be said who may have the highest chances to succeed, TASR wrote.
"We found a suitable system in Estonia after thorough analyses," he added, as quoted by TASR. It is the Turnit firm that has become the Slovak bus company's partner.
"It is possible to observe the remains of old gardens and settlements where people used to live," the mayor said, as quoted by TASR. "Beavers also found a home here.
A person sitting near this point will hear stronger sounds coming from the surrounding nature and can listen to what the forest is saying," said the young lover of nature, as quoted by TASR.