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TATBTriaminotrinitrobenzene (high temperature explosive)
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I find myself getting lost in the TATB universe, crossing over to reality and trying to find everything there is to know about Noah Centineo (who, according to director Susan Johnson, apparently is a natural flirt and ad libbed a lot of Peter Kavinsky's 'moves').
The TATB explosives with many microdefects, including spherical pores, craters, and cracks, were characterized with the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) shown in Figure 1.
We supposed that all the defects lie in the top surface of the TATB explosives.
According to Gonzalez, the Pentagon has already taken action to revitalize domestic production of TATB, resorting to the (http://www.nwec-dotc.org/) DoD-Ordnance Technology Consortium -- a public-private partnership with 214 member companies.
While members were asked to propose ways to produce and reclaim qualified TATB, one U.S.
A fracao [beta]-glob teve valores significativamente menores nos grupos Tatb e T150, comparados ao grupo Tc (P<0,05).
No entanto, apesar de as betaglobulinas estarem diminuidas tambem no Tatb, essa alteracao nao reduziu significativamente a concentracao de globulinas totais nesse grupo.
"TATB is a crucial material for DoD as it is used in many booster and fuzing systems for missiles, bombs and artillery warheads," stated Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall.