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TATITumor-Associated Trypsin Inhibitor (clinical chemistry)
TATITerengganu Advanced Technical Institute (Malaysia)
TATIToronto Art Therapy Institute (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
TATITechnical and Administrative Training Institute LLC
TATITotal Air Temperature Indicator
TATITornado Alley Turbo, Inc. (Ada, OK)
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Serum tumour markers CA15-3, TPA, TPS, hCGbeta and TATI in the monitoring of chemotherapy response in metastatic breast cancer.
Over the course of his career, Tati worked as an actor, writer, and director, and is best-known for his trademark slapstick comedy and his gentle critique of the modern world.
Despite the Bonaventure Hotel is rather the mutation of logic embedded in modernist architecture, scenography constructed by Tati functions in the same way.
En el fondo mas iconoclasta que Tati, Pierre Etaix hace malabares con fragmentos de objetos y nociones fijas; El pais de la abundancia, documental que satiriza y expone la entrega total del pueblo frances al consumismo, casi como respuesta al movimiento del 68, desagrado tanto a la prensa como a los productores, y significo el ostracismo de este poeta del cine.
When Hulot arrives at the office tower, entering the glass doors, he enters a space that is private--owned by and housing an unknown company--but seems nominally public precisely because of its open, transparent, two-faced feature, as Philip Kemp notes in his audio commentary: "the ambivalent quality of glass, at once present and invisible, destroying privacy but cutting people off from each other, clearly preoccupied Tati no less than it obsessed architects of the period.
The ability to extend the security model allowed TATI to easily integrate ActiveReports Server with their applications.
The benevolent ghost of Tati returned to Metropolis Monday evening as a full house gathered to soak up Sylvain Chomet's "The Illusionist" (2010).
My viewing patterns of Jacques Tati - France's greatest comedy filmmaker - have been tightly structured over the past decade.
The cast include Mr Tati, Nathalie Pascaud, Micheline Rolla and Raymond Carl.
Rick Wood, the head of Driver Training, and Alan Timms, one of RoSPAa€™s senior examiners, spent a week with auditing TATI to see if they could meet the high standard required to become a RoSPA-accredited training institute.
French director Sylvain Chomet's movie, based on a screenplay written by actor and fellow director Jacques Tati 54 years ago, had critics swooning at the Edinburgh Film Festival, where it was unveiled on Wednesday.
Hannah recalled how Tati, 41, originally from Indonesia, had always wanted children, and was the first person to visit Hannah in hospital after giving birth to her daughter Shafira, now four.