TATTETALOS Tactical Test Equipment
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the new building has 3 levels, located at 13a, 13b chemin de poussy and 3, chemin des tattes vernier and is composed of 32 apartments, a new underground car park of 23 cars and 6 places motorcycles.
The new building with 4 entrances, located at 13A, 13B Chemin de Poussy and 3, 5 Chemin des Tattes at Vernier, consists of 32 apartments (2 apartments of 2.
Invitation to tender : Rnovation du btiment Nord de l~cole des Tattes
Contract award: ferney voltaire "is tattes the" - rehabilitation of 120 housing units in occupied site and requalification of outdoor spaces.
Contract notice: Ferney west tattes rehabilitation of 170 housing occupied site.
Ferney voltaire "The Tattes East" - prime contractor for the rehabilitation of 120 housing units occupied site and space planning vertsdefinition mission of project management: Mission Basic studies with rehabilitation and execution Marketing Materials: - Pre-project studies (APS - dpa) - research project (Pro) - assistance for the award of works contracts (Act) - management or the execution of works contracts (Det) - assistance to the Client during receive operations (AOR) Missions complementary - mission studies Diagnostic Scheduling Control Coordination-mission: the mission will focus on all the work.